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Xbox One Will be Successful in Asian Markets. Is this true?

Xbox One Will be Successful in Asian Markets. Is this true?

Xbox One - The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One is likely to be introduced before 2013 ends. This really is a thrilling piece of information for gaming supporters every-where, simply because they are now able to experience the next generation of gaming without having to rely on their PCs (which need continuous improvements to perform better and newer activities).

Although precious little was unveiled about the PS4, the recently used function by Microsoft gave us a lot of information about the forthcoming Xbox One. This heir to the common Xbox 360 console is recognized to be the all-in-one entertainment system for the living room.

Certainly, this aspect was stressed upon by devoting more than half of the presentation to non-gaming facets of the Xbox One. While this did not go down well with a lot of hardcore gamers, it did make for some interesting conversation among everyday gamers. People will soon have the energy to regulate their TELEVISION using only their speech, and gestures. All this looks well and good in countries like the UK and the US, where there are large enough living spaces to allow for devices the size of the Xbox One. But the question is, can the One succeed in Asia?

It's generally known that the PlayStation 3 (PS3) outsold the Xbox in Asia. This success can be related to the fact that the PS3 had nearly all the games that the Xbox 360 offered, nevertheless the important difference was that the PS3 offered online play for free. The Xbox 360 on the other hand, charged customers for an online request called Xbox Live, that is required to obtain the benefits of online gaming.

In several Asian countries, where web access is limited, having to pay extra for online play was not a well-received principle, which resulted in the PS3 outselling the Xbox.

If the brand new system will find a way to defeat the PlayStation in Asia now, looking at the release of the Xbox One, it remains extremely doubtful. From what we know so far, the Xbox One can have a deep integration with the cloud, and this might likely include a deeper relationship with the Xbox Live service too.

Also, the much mentioned voice and touch adjustments of the Xbox One might not sell well in Asia, because a lot of countries do not have standardized contacts that may be linked to game consoles!

The large size of the Xbox One makes it difficult to get a lot of people to give a place to it inside their areas, to make things worse. The system contains a different Kinect unit and the major gambling unit, that is necessary to get in touch for the features.

To sum up, if it aims to outsell the PS4 in Asia the Xbox One has to carry much more to the dining table. With Sony having a strong fanbase in Japan, it would be interesting to watch this "next-generation" battle unfold between the two leaders of the game system business.

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