Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Google Prohibitions Adult Content on Google Glass

Google Prohibitions Adult Content on Google Glass

Google Glass - On Monday morning, the very first porn software for Google Glass was announced. Unfortunately, the software violated the most up-to-date additions to Google's designer plans for your futuristic eyewear, which ban sexually explicit material.

The adult app for Glass premiered by MiKandi, an adult app store that has an effective Android app store for adult programs. Using the application form, Google Glass consumers can take a look at photos and watch videos filmed using Google Glass. The organization wished to expand from first-person standpoint movies to one-on-one interactions between people who both have Glass.

Now it appears that business plan will need to be changed.
Google added a new area to its developer procedures for Google Glass late last week that prohibits apps from offering sexually explicit material.

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"Our policies inform you that Glass doesn't allow Glassware content that includes nudity, visual sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Any Glassware that violates this policy is likely to be blocked from showing on Glass," a Google representative said. The same section guarantees severe penalties for any application featuring child pornography. Google also bans gratuitous abuse, hate speech and gambling on Glass.

The connected Glass headset includes a small screen above the right eye that may present Internet content. The device is still in style and isn't expected to go on-sale to the general public until late this year or early 2014.

Over 10,000 individuals have visited the landing page for your adult app, and a Glass owners have registered with the app, MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams said in an article.

He explained the organization ensured it was after the Google Glass designer terms when it started creating the app a couple of weeks ago, but these policies were changed by Google prior to the app's introduction. MiKandi can abide by the new policies, and ideas on running out a new software that somehow doesn't include any of the forbidden content.

"Although the app is still live and individuals are using it, now we ought to make changes to the app so that you can comply with the new procedures. Be prepared to see changes for the program tomorrow," Adams said in a blog post.

This is not the first time the adult business went against Silicon Valley leaders.
In 2011, Apple sent a and desist letter to the company for using the phrase "app store" in its tagline. It has also had programs declined from your iOS and Android app stores before.

Google Glass is a brand-new product, and the general public remains figuring out how and if it'll be used. The business is spending so much time to avoid a sullied name for your wearable computer before it it is publicly released.

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