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4 Fun Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

4 Fun Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 - The Samsung Galaxy S4 took the planet of technology by surprise and every technology enthusiast was awed by it. Since it is driven with 1.9-GHz quad-core model besides other fascinating features customers were satisfied. You've all of the freedom to work two applications at-the same time, use both cameras simultaneously and also benefit from the Air play function.

Nevertheless, if you should be well-versed with all the 4 easy 'to complete guidelines' for making small pieces and other features your knowledge will certainly be considered a lot better.

Eliminate S Voice function

The S speech is just a competitor to Siri by Apple. It may perform different functions using the voice control. You are able to easily utilize it for doing the research function, attractive climate statement, navigation to some specific area, upgrading social standing and a lot more.

This function of S Voice is definitely switched on you then may discover that your telephone quickly begins slowing. It's more straightforward to switch off this feature.

  • Launch the S Voice by pressing Home Button twice o-r when the home screen is practical touch the icon of S Voice
  • Tap the Settings button on the left side of the house key
  • Uncheck the choice of Open via the House key.


The function of change animations give the flexibility to you of moving amongst applications and moving from your home screen to an application. You may also leave an application and go back to home display with this function. Nevertheless, these animations are eye-catching but it has a toll on the performance of one's telephone, making it a little slow.

By making use of the next ways you'll have the ability to cope with it:

  • Go to-> Settings->More case on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Scroll right down to touch it numerous times and seek the Build Number Field.

Make sure to continue pushing this subject until you receive the agreement of the creator.

  • Press Go to-> Developer Options and the Straight back button.
  • Scroll to choose the choice to turn it down and search for Window Animation Scale.
  • Visit Transition Animation Scale-> Animator Duration Scale found under Developer Options to show it down.

Strategies for camera applications

The Samsung Galaxy S4 includes a great camera quality with faster shutterbug. It's recommended to produce options for lock display short-cut to your Camera application allow faster access by way of a swipe. Use the next steps:

  • Go to-> Settings men-> My Device bill, O-R Select the alternative of Lock Screen that looks at the beginning of-the record.
  • Lock display menu-> Tap Shortcuts choice.
  • Turn on the Set Shortcuts choice that's switched off automagically.

You are able to accelerate your Samsung Galaxy S4 in times. You're permitted to enable the function of Most useful Photo that provides the choice to you of taking ten pictures at one go. This can help you decide on the very best taken images from these 8 pictures.

This is the way it's possible:

  • Scroll all the way down to find Best Photo, Visit the Camera app-> Mode switch and choose it.
  • Press the image of shutter in order to fully capture ten pictures repeatedly.
  • Pick and select the right between the available alternatives, * Once you are done shooting 8 pictures.
  • Long media on the image to pick it, now touch to truly save it.

Crippling Light Impact function

Light impact function emerges within the display of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Your hand leaves a little path of light behind whenever you touch the screen. On unlocking your system, this light spreads fully screen effect. Nevertheless, if movement is allowed then it requires a little longer to show on-the screen. If the cartoon function is switched off, no time is taken by the unlock screen make it possible for the House Screen.

You are able to implement the next steps:

My Device tab is chosen by * Settings-> Go to Menu->.
* Alternately you are able to 'Select' the Lock Screen option-> Unlock Effect-> None.

The 4 guidelines given above are simple to use too assist in saving electric batteries of one's Samsung Galaxy S4. 

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