Thursday, June 6, 2013

BlackBerry Q10 : The Keyboard Returns

BlackBerry Q10 : The Keyboard Returns

BlackBerry Q10 - When BlackBerry released its latest operating-system BlackBerry Q10 on an all-touch smart-phone, we scratched our heads. Actual keyboards are a defining BlackBerry feature why the heck would they be set aside throughout a critical time for the company? The oversight has made the most recent BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Q10 alongside its actual keyboard the smartphone maker's ultimate hope.

Fortuitously, the BlackBerry Q10 gets good thrill at this time. Customer Reports' Mike Gikas writes that it "exudes old-school charm" and that the physical keyboard is "a great one." Kevin Michaluk of BlackBerry-centric site CrackBerry describes the BlackBerry Q10 as a mix of the "iconic form factor of older BlackBerry phones with a brand new, modern design." If you're a lover of BlackBerry because of physical keyboards, he explains, "then the BlackBerry Q10 is for you no questions asked."

The Verge's Chris Ziegler is really a extra controlled with the encouragement, mind you. "Yes, here is the best-of a desperate breed," he writes, referring to products with actual QWERTY keyboards, "but for your life of me, I don't know why someone who's used to a full-touch phone would come back to this."

The BlackBerry Q10 marks the beginning of BlackBerry's "real recovery," writes computer analyst Jeff Kagan within an email. "BlackBerry users enjoy their keypad." H-e provides, "While the new BlackBerry BlackBerry Q10 is not great, and it is good enough to start out earning back long-time fans.", while it still has more catching-up to-do

And BlackBerry desperately has to get these fans back. Research released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project on Wednesday suggests that BlackBerry owners take into account only 4 percent of cellphone customers now a drop from 10 percent in-may 2011. Compared Android owners constitute 2-8 percent of all cellphone people and iPhone owners take into account 25 percent of the cellphone population.

Kagan also expresses confusion why BlackBerry didn't offer the BlackBerry Q10 ahead of the all-touch Z10, but keeps returning to the thought this is BlackBerry's shot at survival. "The next major question nevertheless is whether this is a long-term recovery and if it is substantial enough to provide the organization back to life," he indicates. "I hope therefore, but we'll have to wait and see."

Verizon will have the BlackBerry Q10 available for purchase online on June 6 and in stores on June 10 while T-Mobile will present it online as well as-in brick-and-mortar stores on June 5. AT&T could have the BlackBerry Q10 available for pre-order beginning on June 5. Race will make the device available this summer, but no specific time has been declared yet.

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