Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prosecutors Drive for Kill Switch to Stop Smartphone Robbery

Prosecutors Drive for Kill Switch to Stop Smartphone Robbery
Smartphone Robbery - In-a drive to suppress cell-phone robberies, the town of Bay Area and prosecutors for Brand New York state said on Wednesday they prepare to talk with business representatives to encourage them to install changes to eliminate stolen smartphones.

Bay Area District Attorney George Gascon and ny State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said they'll meet on June 13 with associates of the four greatest smart-phone producers.

They said they'll ask the to put "kill switches" on cellular devices to make them inoperable when taken, removing any incentive for robbery.

"With 1.6 million Americans falling prey to smart-phone robbery in 2012, it has become a epidemic," Gascon said in a record. "Unlike other styles of violations, smartphone robbery could be expunged using a basic technical solution."

Gascon and Schneiderman said reps of Apple, Google's smart-phone producer Motorola Mobility, Samsung and Microsoft could attend the summit in Ny.

Last month, two men in Bay Area seriously cut-a 27-year-old tourist's face and neck while taking his iPhone. In April 2012, a cook was killed while being robbed of his iPhone on his way home to the Bronx.

"The robbery of portable devices may be the fastest-growing street crime, and significantly, situations are turning violent," Schneiderman said. "It is time for producers to become as innovative in solving this issue because they have experienced creating products that have reformed how exactly we live."

Associates for Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Google and a cell-phone industry team both declined to comment o-r weren't instantly available for comment.

Schneiderman and Gascon have both criticized the business for what they see as its perceived unwillingness to resolve the problem.

This past year about 5-0% of Bay Area robberies included stolen mobile phones, Gascon said. A current study discovered that lost and stolen cellphones price $30 million to customers in 2012, his company said.

Some businesses have steps in spot to get back smartphones using their rightful owners. For example, Apple gets the software Find My iPhone that allows a person to monitor a system on the chart and slightly secure it o-r remove information.

A database is made for stolen cellphones, but police say its use is restricted because so that they can't be easily recognized as stolen, based on a York Times report from Might many stolen products are sent overseas or altered. 

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