Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BBM For Android & IOS Introduced

If there is a very important factor that BlackBerry may be happy with, it's the BBM messaging service. I do believe that everybody can say that for the majority if not all of the BlackBerry people they know, BBM was the thing that clinched the deal. Needless to say, we've heard of BBM breakdowns happening, with people feeling like they've been cut off from the remaining world. Never mind they can only use BBM with all the handful of other BlackBerry users in their group.

This case is about to change, though, as BlackBerry has just announced that it's likely to release BBM for Android and iOS come summer. This season is definitely an exciting one for many reasons, but for users of BBM and also require been wanting to expand their groups to non-BlackBerry friends, this summer is truly something to look forward to.

Based on BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, 'It's time and energy to bring BBM to some greater audience, regardless of what portable system they take.' He also provides assurance that BBM for Android and iOS will not be only crippled copycat versions. He adds, 'We are starting with messaging and groups, but we'll bring voice, display share, and needless to say, channels later on.'

Naturally, we are able to not disregard the fact that BlackBerry must count on Apple and Google's approval. Without that press, BBM for Android and iOS may indeed become a flop. O-r might not even occur. Consumers who want to connect via BBM will have the ability to do this by getting the app, if it does happen.

On yet another note, this develop-ment introduces a fascinating idea: 'Every major portable rival makes applications for iOS.' Google makes applications for iOS (How can we live-without Google Maps?). Microsoft even offers apps for iOS. Nokia has Here Maps. That will not be every competition, but it does give something to you to consider.

Whatever the case, how will you feel about BBM for iOS and Android? Are you also considering utilizing it on top or in-lieu of WhatsApp (which will be on BB10, incidentally), Viber, and so on. ??

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