Monday, June 10, 2013

Facial Recognition Software To Find Missing Kids

Facial Recognition application can have many useful purposes, such as for on the web identification purposes and safe use of an area or an account. A brand new application is currently taking this technology even further, utilizing it to help find and identify missing persons.

The Facial Recognition app was created in China, together with the function of helping find lost children, but the computer software may be effectively utilized in any other state.

The application was developed jointly by marketing agency JWT China and Baby Back Home, a lost children results site. The Facial Recognition pc software was created to help identify any missing o-r kidnapped young ones and is based on the concept that everyone using the software can be a research offer.

Roughly 20,000 young ones disappear inside the world's most populated country annually. Most of these kiddies wind up begging in-the street or can be purchased into slavery or prostitution. And in a country the size of China, it's extremely difficult to actually find these missing children.

And this is where the Facial Recognition app is available in. Customers of the app usually takes pictures of young ones they think could be lost with their telephone. The application will evaluate the picture using Facial Recognition pc software and will run the image against a persons database, buying match. Just in case a is found, the lost child's family is informed.

Baby Back Home and jwt China expect that anybody utilizing a camera phone will down load and make use of this program. In the first week after the release, the app is downloaded 20,000 times. What's much more impressive is that in the same week, two children were found and reunited with their own families with the help of the Facial Recognition program.

Yet another part of the JWT-Baby Back Home campaign includes spreading awareness of the plight of a lot of families with missing kiddies. To do this, the agencies put up a few fun statues in major cities across China. The plaster statues were installed in places that are often visited by families. When some body has a image of the statue they are able to view the history of a missing child o-r their parents' emotional pleas for help. 

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