Saturday, June 22, 2013

Change your Kindle Fire into an Android 4.2 Tablet

Kindle Fire - For quite a while I've been a fan of N2A Cards, which offers a simple plug-and-play solution to turn Barnes & Noble's Nook tablets in to full-blown Android tablets. All things considered, in case you have got great hardware, why not unlock its maximum potential?

Today Kindle owners will get in on the activity. N2A's new N2Aos company may mount Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) on-your first- or second-generation Kindle Fire, replacing Amazon's greatly personalized and, some would say, minimal operating system with the real deal.

You can find, naturally, a couple of important factors. The foremost is that since Fires have no microSD slot, you can not just pop-in a card and dual-boot the way in which you can with a Nook. Adding Android proper means installing an installer to your PC and wiping the Kindle OS and your entire saved information along with it.

Subsequently, you'll lose access to Amazon Prime streaming video not a big deal if you're not a Prime subscriber, but unfortunately there is no Amazon Instant Video application available for Android. You are able to recover your books via the Kindle software, but that's it.

I got the service for a test-drive on the Fire. (The developer may soon increase support for HD models.) After joining it to my PC and working N2A's compatibility checker, I saved the specialist and watched it do its thing. The process took about 1-0 minutes (no touching!), after which my Fire was altered to your Jelly Bean-powered supplement. That easy. Literally.

And you receive the total Android knowledge here, including entry to the Google Play store and all the other features offered by Android 4.2 (excepting what's unavailable via hard-ware, of-course). I went my regular firm of test applications Agent Dash, Flipboard, Netflix, USA To-day and them all worked beautifully. I did regularly miss having real volume-control buttons though N2A's Android build includes practical digital buttons on your home screen but that's Amazon's fault.

Tech-savvy users will note that you do not need certainly to buy the freedom of rooting a Kindle Fire and installing Android, that some rather simple DIY options charging $0 can be found online. But, here you are having the advantages of simplicity and technical help, both which are important for customers who may be anxious about tinkering with their Kindle's personal innards.

Actually, N2A even offers a Pro-level support option that includes distant startup, meaning you let a technology access your COMPUTER slightly and handle each of the installation methods for you including any troubleshooting that could be needed. That selection (great for one month of Pro service) provides just $7.99 towards the price not bad for automation and peace of mind.

Speaking of which, if you decide you don't like the N2Aos or intend to provide your Kindle and want to recover the stock OS, N2A offers a free energy the aptly-named Restore2Stock that will give you back Amazon's OS, good as new.

The computer software costs $19.99. That is not a bad deal for breathing new life in to an older Kindle Fire, freeing your-self from Amazon's special-offer advertisements, opening the doorway to a larger library of applications, and gaining entry to e-books from different sources (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and etc ).
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