Monday, June 24, 2013

Sony Xperia ZU Rumours

Sony Xperia ZU - Many people are waiting with baited breath for Sony to reveal its newest mobile, the Sony Xperia ZU. This is Sony’s first “phablet”. Though all of us wait, rumours are flying around and the newest news on the street is the Xperia ZU is unbelievably fast.

The rumour is that the device is believed to feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800. In a benchmark screenshot submitted on Esato, it recorded due to 32,173 AnTuTu items. That's alot faster than other gadgets that Sony’s competitors have out at the moment.

As an example, a supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 version, also with Snapdragon 800, came in at 31,491 points according to lost standard tests. Perhaps the stronger model of the S4, which includes the processor, can’t beat the rate present in the Sony Xperia ZU. Sony clearly mean business.

We ought to understand that these tests could be faked, before every one gets carried away though. But if they're right, then the Xperia ZU, although labelled a phablet, may be powerful enough to offer even a run to a fully fledged capsule for its money.

As well as extraordinary velocity, the Sony Xperia ZU can also be stated to truly have a 6.44-inch full HD screen and HD camera.

It's expected that Sony will show their new device o-n June 25. We’ll be watching closely and bringing you the latest news as it fails.

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