Monday, June 17, 2013

Windows Phone speech recognition upgrade rivals Siri, Google Voice Search

Windows Phone - Both Siri and Google Voice Search manage speech-to-text inquiries pretty much, and now Windows Phone products could claim to be on par with speed and accuracy, it was revealed today.
'Over the past year, we've been working closely with Microsoft Re-search (MSR) to handle limitations of the previous voice experience,' wrote the Bing Speech Team in an article.

That update, which started coming out to Windows Phone clients over the past few weeks within the U.S., returns results doubly rapidly as before when voice searches are conducted through Bing.
Furthermore, producing a text or search using your voice can be 1-5 per cent more accurate thanks to the upgrade.

That is... DNN

The group at Microsoft Research could make these speech-recognition developments by having an high level greeted named Deep Neural Networks, or DNNs.

'DNN is just a technology that is influenced by the functioning of neurons within the brain,' noted the official Microsoft blog post.
'In a similar way, DNN technology can detect patterns akin to the way natural systems understand patterns.'

Bing it on

Under-the-hood developments that improved the way Bing identified daily speech habits will also be responsible for providing new voice-to Microsoft's non-typing search requests.
In the same way important to reaching that '15% more accurate' figure are the significant datasets given by Bing itself.

The last element employed by the Windows Phone update is the technology's ability to cut out a lot more ambient and background noise than before.
Apple is set to improve Siri functionality in iOS 7 and Google is trying to revolutionize Google Voice Search, but Microsoft's year-long develop-ment is here now, and the company claims that it generally does not disappoint. 

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