Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Person Satisfaction Lower For Windows 8 Than Windows 7

A study was carried out as a way to establish the satisfaction level among Win-dows users. More particularly, the survey was conducted so as to find out whether consumers were more satisfied with Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. This survey is called the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and was carried out by Michigan's Ross School of Business. In line with the results introduced, Windows 8 scored 74, and Windows 7 scored a 7-8.

Determining the performances of two different versions of Win-dows can not really be achieved in a brief period, and a year isn't enough. That is why the 2 types will be compared again in next year's survey.

Decline in Market Need for Pcs

Pcs aren't successful in general, and their downturn in sales is considered due to the greater sales of smart phones and tablets. It's worth noticing that shipments have been on-the decline for four areas repeatedly, to get a notion of how PC sales have dwindled. The drop in the first quarter of 2013 portions to 14%, that will be quite high.

Based on experts, satisfaction is indicated by research into businesses with basic characteristics of Windows 8 but perhaps not with its touch screen ability. Some individuals within the market believe that Microsoft has made a number of problems including their way of introducing the touch screen. While arguing from this direction, one should also admit that people were also approved the possibility of switching back to the UI.

Microsoft's OS Problems

Yet another point highlighted as a weakness is the lack of an OS move from the current one. Based on other current research, 60-30 of firms said that they had no real reason to go over to Windows 8.

One reason behind perhaps not having the ability to use the touch screen feature in Windows8 and thus breaking this system is because most customers do not have touch-enabled computers. As a result, many users turn back and forth between the interfaces. Microsoft's next concern when it produces Win-dows 8.1 would be to reduce the notion of switching back and forth, and also providing raised knowledge that allows people to return to the Start button.

Fighting Items Cut Windows Reputation

The ACSI also considered other reasons for the drop in interest in Windows 8. It had been unearthed that clients present an ever-increasing level of pleasure with Samsung Electronics' intelligent devices as well as Google's Motorola devices. At the sam-e time, there was a drop in satisfaction for Apple's iPhones.

While iPhone popularity slipped 2.4 per cent, it still is atop with 81 points. Samsung went up 7 percent to reach a report of 76, while Motorola rose 5.5 percent to reach 77. Arriving at wireless carriers, Verizon Wireless changed Sprint Nextel because the clients' decision for carriers. Nevertheless, the big difference in their ratings was only 2 points (Verizon Wireless -- Sprint & 73 Nextel -- 71). Race had previously retained the amount 1 position for around 2 years. 

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