Monday, June 17, 2013

Samsung Plans LTE Higher level model of Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 - Samsung is seeking to shake off some bad new revenue forecasts for its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone with the launch of an LTE Advanced version in South Korea this month, encouraging data transfer speeds up to double those of the present 4G device.

Head of the firm's mobile industry, JK Shin, informed Reuters on Monday that his staff is currently in discussion with several unnamed offshore providers, while there have been no more details on exactly what regions would get the smartphone after Samsung's domestic industry.

The UK is unlikely to be among the first considering only Everything Everywhere currently also offers a standard 4G system to clients. To put that in perception, Russian service Yota has received an LTE Advanced community since October 2012.

The issue thus far is the fact that even those operators which have dedicated to LTE High level networks have not had the opportunity to profit due to the shortage of devices capable of taking advantage.

Theoretically LTE Advanced level can get information down load speeds as much as 1Gbps (30 bits per Hz) and 500Mbps submissions (1-6 bits per Hz).

Samsung will hope the new phone will help to raise the S4's sales, as despite triumphantly announcing 1-0 million sales of the S4 in its first month on the shelves, the company has recently been struck by various reports of analysts including JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs studying sales estimates downwards by up to 30 percent.

Samsung could not immediately be reached for comment 

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