Sunday, June 16, 2013

Playstation 4 Unveiled at E3

Playstation 4 - SONY has made its opening move-in the wars and introduced the design of the Playstation 4 at the annual E3 conference. This comes only weeks after Microsoft introduced the XBOX ONE.

The Playstation 4 has announced some top quality launch titles, but the big question is - how can it compare to the X-box ONE-IN terms-of features?

Whilst the XBOX ONE looks like a massive advance, some fans have been infuriated by its limitations (Microsoft have introduced rigid rules o-n getting and trading used activities, for example). Alternatively, SONY has drawn attention to the fact that unlike the new XBOX, the Playstation4 enables you to play activities without any possibility of rules. It will also enable you to play offline around you like - contrary to the XBOX, there is no daily online check-in needed.

Yet another window of chance for Sony got in-the system's pricing. Microsoft shocked some industry experts using a high price of about 429 pounds (although a Kinect is included in the pack). SONY, meanwhile, may undercut it with a 300 pounds price for your Playstation 4.

SONY was not as unique as Microsoft as to when it will be introduced (the X-box ONE launches in November 2013). As the consoles start waging war on one another it'll be interesting to watch how they make an effort to out-do one another in the coming months.

E3 raised a really interesting point in terms of this announcement:

'This press conference was Microsoft's chance to show precisely why we need the Xbox One in November. They needed us to pine away for something new and look at our dusty units. Why the cloud is really important, what the connection to 300,000 servers can provide us which was previously lacking in our gambling lives show us. Describe how infinite power has allowed designers to tap into a well of imagination that they never knew existed. How was the existing generation was holding manufacturers right back and what activities could be recognized since the shackles have already been eliminated? Microsoft needed to convince us that the Xbox One could be the future of the business, that they and their associates could satisfy their wildest fantasies with this new equipment.

The following generation of consoles is almost upon us. Our instincts are dragging us forward, urging us to pre-order these shiny new units. We see these flashy images and hear the strong statements from business executives, and we're helpless to avoid. The current generation has stretched o-n for too long; we wish something new. We are in need of something new. We are here and we're prepared to be astonished.'

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