Sunday, June 23, 2013

Google Receive Open Letter About Problems Over Google Glass

Many state officials have joined forces in seeking reassurance from Google subsequent numerous privacy concerns concerning Google Glass.

Data security associates and privacy commissioners from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Isreal, Switzerland and Mexico, simply to name several, have got together with the EU Commission’s Article 29 Working Party. They've signed an open letter to Google CEO, Larry Page, seeking to go over whether the proper defense is in place for the public.

One concern particularly made mention of the could be the prospect of naive passers-by to become photographed or filmed by some-one utilizing the Google Glass system without consent.

Google Glass has-been the subject of many articles that have raised issues about the obvious, and perhaps less obvious, privacy implications of a device that can be used by someone and used to record and picture audio of other people,” the letter reads.

“Fears of common monitoring of individuals by other individuals, whether through such sessions or through other programs currently being produced, have been raised. Questions about Google’s assortment of such knowledge and what it means in terms of Google’s revamped privacy have began to appear.”

The letter also asked for Google’s future posture on the use of facial recognition and what they want to do with the information when it has been obtained from the user.

The commissioners have requested that they be able to test these devices for them-selves so that they can raise any found concerns directly with Google. 

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