Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sony Release PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 - Sony have produced the PlayStation 4 throughout a press conference at E3 in Los Angeles.

We knew there will be one-on the way in which after a statement produced by Sony in February. They begun to build the new version of the unit the moment the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006.

The brand new PlayStation 4 has some intriguing features, some which appear in direct competition to Microsoft's Xbox one. It has an enhanced PC GPU, X86 model and an 8GB high-speed storage. It comes with a dual-shock operator, that includes a share option and touchpad, headphone jack.

The share option allows your friends watch you play a game remotely and enables you to share gameplay videos together with your friends. They can even practically take over your operator to greatly help you finish an amount if you get stuck! The PlayStation 4 also offers a Remote Play function, which enables you to play the games to the PlayStation Vita. Should you wish, you can play a game on Vita and simultaneously watch TV.

Still another notable feature of the brand new PlayStation is that Sony declared it will not reduce used activities, or require a continuous connection. This is a direct challenge to the procedures of Microsoft's X-box One. The CEO of Sony, Jack Trenton said 'Gamers should really be free to trade-in their activities, sell them or loan them to friends. We should support the retail types already in-place.' He then said regarding online connections, 'Your PS4 will not stop working if you don't check in every 2-4 hours.'

Again this is a problem to the X-box, which requires that you check-in once per day to authenticate activities.

Sony have said that the PlayStation 4 will be introduced 'this holidays', so no definite dates yet. The cost is set at $399 (o-r 349), that's $100 (70) less-than what Microsoft announced for the Xbox One.

What exactly do you think, could it be a PlayStation 4-for you?

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