Friday, June 28, 2013

IPhone Notifications To Google Glass

Google Glass - Google has already launched a MyGlass Companion application for Android via the Play Store, and though a related iOS edition has yet to reveal itself in the App Store, the organization has already mentioned that iPhone customers won't be overlooked as it pertains to the first 2014 public release of 'googleglass.'

Meanwhile, the PostOffice fine-tune works just fine for all those having a jail-broken iPhone, and it does what it purports to accomplish in pressing notices through Glass, even though there’s very little to it irrespective of a couple of options. The free fine-tune can be obtained via the BigBoss archive in Cydia, To configure the way your notifications are re-routed to Glass you navigate to your indigenous Settings and configure the way your notifications are re-routed. 

Google Glass currently might only maintain the hands of creative people, some competition winners and a number of builders, but that's perhaps not stopped the technology world from getting it self stoked up about the web giant’s technical headgear. Last month, one such innovative person, Adam Bell, had managed to route iOS notices through to Google Glass with a couple package he's placed together, and now-a fine-tune has appeared supplying a easier method for such a procedure to become achieved.

Because Google Glass is dependant on Android, its coughing potential is large, and though we're prone to be addressed with a interesting and possibly innovative applications, things that might be accomplished when builders work inside Glass’ construction can't be overlooked. With help for iOS likely to be considered a stage behind Android and thanks to the jailbreak neighborhood, iPhone customers with that creator attitude will soon be able to have considerable amounts of enjoyment with Google Glass once it ultimately does become available to everyone. Google has suggested that it’s item will end up accessible early next year, though this may normally be at the mercy of delays. But as this unique new technology is really clean, it's probably planning to charge income (depending to a month’s where you work! ) 

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