Thursday, June 20, 2013

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus With High-res Screen

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus -  Samsung went face to face against Apple's MacBook Air when it first launched the Series 9 notebook. It used high-performance with respectable battery life, all wrapped-up inside an atom-splittingly thin frame.

It's back to challenge for the most effective ultraportable location. Along with a brand new name, the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus boasts a creature high-resolution screen, touch-screen procedure for Windows 8, and enhanced battery life.

Samsung hasn't given any expression on availability or pricing yet, but do not expect it to return cheap.

In the exterior, the Plus seems basically the same as Samsung's Series 9 ultrabook the Ativ Book replaces. I-t gives the metal border, together with exactly the same blue-gray color. Samsung reckons it's designed to look like a newspaper folded over. I am not sure I really see that, but it does not matter it looks great regardless.

It still has a complete steel structure. Not just does that make it feel and look like a somewhat more advanced machine than plastic-clad notebooks, but it should also help it take a few scrapes and bumps on your way. I was not in a position to put it through CNET's usual pressure tests, but I'm confident it will not break apart at the first sign of trouble.

It is a 13-inch device, with comparable physical dimensions to its predecessor. Getting hired into a backpack or carry sleeve is likely to be no trouble in any way thanks to its superskinny 13.6mm design. At 1.39kg (3.06 pounds), you'll not need going to the gym before attempting to carry it anywhere, either.

The keyboard and touch mat look basically the same as the past model's, but Samsung has obviously given them a number of changes. As the contact pad has been made more open, the keys have been given a brighter backlight and more travel. Whether these adjustments make any apparent huge difference in everyday use remains to be seen.

Samsung has upped the Series 9's display resolution to some massive 3,200x1,800 pixels, making it possibly the highest-resolution 13-inch notebook around (although it is the sam-e as its stablemate, the Ativ Q). I was not able to spend long poring over check photographs, but the instances I did see looked fresh and clear.

The extra portion of pixels should make ultra-high-definition videos and high-definition pictures seem outstanding. There's not really a whole lot of video around that supports that form of decision right-now movie releases on Blu-ray top out at 1080p but as UHD TVs become more popular, expect more and more titles to-be produced that make the most of this variety of pixels.

The Book 9 Plus appeared satisfyingly vivid in my hands-on time, with brilliant colors, too. I only had a short while with it, and it was in a rather poor room where even the dullest of monitors will shine like a supernova. I am getting excited about giving it a suitable look in our lab conditions.

The display is touch-enabled to be able to just take full advantage of the big, decorative tiles of Windows 8. I-t was satisfyingly open in my own hands-on. and helps 1-0 touch inputs

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus : Features and features
Samsung has tinkered with-the 9's hinge to-make it lock in-place when available. Seemingly this helps it end wobbling about when you're poking and prodding in the touchscreen. With-the lock-off, you're able to drive the screen straight back so that it lies flat from the table. I am certainly not sure why you'd want to, but there it is.

Underneath the hood is definitely an Intel Core processor one of the new Haswell chips. Samsung didn't specify exactly what type it'll be, but presumably you'll be able to choose different models based on your power needs. And, naturally, the degree of one's budget. It will give SSD storage possibilities, which again will probably vary with respect to the model you decide for.

Samsung reckons the battery has the capacity to carry on chugging absent for 12 hours. That puts it in the same ballpark because the current 13-inch MacBook Air. As always, that'll be a best-case scenario figure, which means that your own times is determined by how you put it to use. Work the processor tattered with video coding and the lighting ramped up and you need to maybe not be prepared to get any such thing like 12 hours.

The Ativ Book 9 Plus keeps exactly the same glossy, appealing design as its predecessor but mixes in-a glaringly high-resolution, touch-enabled screen. It is almost certainly going to be a costly piece of equipment, but it could be beneficial for media types for whom quality is paramount. 

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